Thursday, March 24, 2011

About the Characters

Jason: Has dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. Jason is always getting into trouble, but Tom's always with him. Tom and Jason have been friends since the first grade and they always stick together. If you find Jason, Tom's not far behind. Most people often think Jason and Tom are twins, and Jason would say their were.

Tom: Tom is Jason's right hand man, he's always got Jason's back. Tom has light brown hair and forest green eyes. Tom was considered small for his age, but Tom didn't let that stop him from doing, well, anything. Jason always did the leading and Tom followed, but it was perfectly fine with him.

David: The eighteen year old decided to join Jason and Tom in their mission in stopping Red Fang. For Jason and Tom, it was just another person to join the group, but to David he was their guard. David has brown hair and brown eyes that look like newly polished oak. Although he was the son of the Red Fang leader, Jacob, David had no intention of becoming the new leader.

Mary: The eighteen year old girl was found in one of the prison cells in Red Fang. Luckily Jason and Tom managed to free her and her best friend, Catherine. Mary always wore something that was "in" and her stunning looks caught a glance from onlookers, including Jason. Mary had brown curled dark brown, almost black hair that fell to her shoulders. She had brown eyes and Jason said they sparkled like stars, which Tom thought was funny. Even though the age difference, Jason secretly liked Mary, but it really was no secret. Even the slightest glance from Mary was enough to make Jason blush.

Catherine: Catherine was found locked in the same cell as Mary. Like Mary, Catherine was one of the most popular people in the school. Catherine had brown eyes and curled brown hair that fell to her shoulders. Like Mary many people couldn't help, but glance at Catherine. Even though Tom made fun of Jason liking Mary, Tom liked Catherine. What Tom didn't know, was that David would later start liking Catherine too.

Sarah: Catherine's ten year old sister had a heart for adventure. Unlike her older sister, Sarah didn't care what other people thought of her. Sarah enjoyed being outside, doing the zip line, and practicing archery. Sarah had sky blue eyes and long blonde hair.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chapter 16 synopsis

 In chapter sixteen Jason and his friends have successfully stopped Red Fang's plan. Men work to clean up debris from the battle and begin to make plans for new buildings. Mary and Catherine get an acceptance letter from the collage they wanted to go to and they find out their moving into the same neighborhood as Tom and Jason. The Mayor allows Jason and Tom to return to school and it turns out Jason's Dad really does care about his son.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Synoposis Chapter 1

Jason is late to school, again and when he arrives he receives a glare from the principal, Mr. Flint. Once inside the class Jason realizes they have an assembly. During the assembly Jason finds his friend Tom, but the school bully, Tyler, is at it again. After the assembly Jason, Tyler, Tom, and a few of Tyler's friends get into a fight. Jason and Tom and suspended, but that was nothing compared to what lied ahead. At Jason's house, the boys hear a knock on the door. When Jason walks down the stairs to check the door, a fist breaks the wood like it was a paper door. Within seconds Jason and Tom and on the floor unconscious.

Summary of The Earth's Elements

Jason McClain is about to be suspended on the first day of school, again, but that's the least of his problems. When Jason hears a knock on his door he slowly walks to open the door to what is one of the bloodthirsty organizations on the planet, Red Fang. When Jason ans his friend Tom are kidnapped they slowly begin to unravel Red Fang's plan to rule the planet. To stop Red Fang's invading robot army Jason and his friends must find the Earth's Elements to find the power source which can shut the robots down. Jason and his friends go out to shut down the robots, but it wasn't going to be easy.

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